Dear colleagues, welcome aboard AMSB-Varna! Please fasten your seat belts and prepare for take off! Today’s flight is entitled “EXCHANGE THE WORLD”, and the final destination is on your choice. We hope that you have all prepared your boarding passes and passports, because the SCOPE and SCORE committees will show you the most exotic and attractive places for exchange that every ASMB member can take off to!
Join our information campaign and find out where you can go for a research or professional exchange, how to choose the most suitable country, what are the criteria for the ranking, as well as the conditions that each candidate must meet.
To get your boarding pass, follow this link:
We will be waiting for you on 11.10 (Monday) at 19:30h – Blackboard.
We expect every passenger to take their seat in time for our flight!
With best wishes,
Cabin Crew
AMSB-Varna, Student Council at Medical University Varna, ASDM and ASPV