Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace

The Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace unites university students, who are driven to create an equitable and peaceful world and who also believe in the international, intercultural and interpersonal solidarity. We consider, that every single one of us as a full member of the society has the opportunity to contribute to the fostering of something better in this world, because the human rights could only exist as long as they are concerning every free person. The committee was  formed for the first time more than 35 years ago as of the moment of speaking to IFMSA under the name Standing Committee on Refugees, aiming to redirect the attention towards the refugees. The members of the committee soon had realised, that their efforts are palliative and had decided to focus on the roots of the problem – violence, conflicts and  violation of human rights. Starting from 2005 it is as we know it today – Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace.

Our purpose is to provide opportunities for medicine students of the Medical university of Varna and to motivate them to actively and consciously defend the human rights and the peace. As future specialists in the sphere of medicine we must be able to carefully and precisely work with colleagues and patients, taking into consideration their rights and knowing our own as well. Ours is the responsibility to  comprehend equality in the society, as well as in medicine, and it’s violation, in order to be better doctors/physicians and people.

About us?

The committee aspires to bring up the ways of empathy and understanding during the university period in the students toward patients. Annually campaigns are organised that concern the health and rights of children, the rights of patients and doctors, equal healthcare without discrimination, possibility for every person to be treated. Nevertheless SCORP  keeps in touch with the society through organising different charity and informative campaigns. Some of our projects to AMSB are the following:

  • World psoriasis day – October 29
  • Say “yes” to life – an organ donation campaign
  • 10th of December – (World) Human Rights day
  • Christmas together – charity Christmas fair
  • Christmas smile – clothes- and toys-gathering campaign for children with a disadvantaged status
  • March (“Martenitsi”) charity fair
  • Teddy bear – hospital for plush toys
  • Rare disease day – February 29
  • “The world is colourful” – Down syndrome day – March 21
  • Earth’s day – April 22