Standing Committee on Public Health

The Standing Committee on Public Health gathers medical students, who exchange experience, skills and knowledge in their pursuit of promoting health in all of its forms – physical, mental and social. The committee addresses issues regarding public health like socially significant diseases, health policies, disease prevention and many others

The Standing Committee of Public Health (SCOPH) as a structure of IFMSA was founded in 1952. It gathers medical students from all around the world to build capacity, to work together and exchange ideas about problems concerning public health. Because of the vast field that is public health, on a global scale SCOPH prioritieses certain aspects of it in its different regions. The priorities are as follows:

  • Africa: NCDs
  • Americas: Mental Health; Universal Health Coverage
  • Asia Pacific: Ageing
  • EMR: Antimicrobial resistance
  • Europe: Mental Health and Antimicrobial resistance


The “Diabetes” initiative takes place in connection to the Worlds Diabetes Day (14 November). This socially significant disease with all of its micro- and macrovascular complications leads to significant mortality rate worldwide. That is the reason why the early diabetes diagnosis and its control is of vital importance for the medical community. The purpose of the initiative is screening of the population, during which medical students measure blood sugar. Before this part of the initiative there is a training, where students can learn about diabetes and how to correctly do the blood sugar measurement.

Eating disorders

In a time when ones appearance is put above all other personal qualities and the attainment of the “perfect figure” is of paramount significance. Because of that many young people would do anything in the pursuit of slimness. Eating disorders are a serious mental disorder, that is not less dangerous than any other and can lead to serious and irreversible damage to a person’s health. During the International eating disorders week The Standing Committee of Public Health organizes a lecture with the purpose of raising awareness of the disorder and get rid of the stigma surrounding it.

Green life

Every year the “Az vyarvam I pomagam” (I believe and I help) association organizes a large scale event, on which they gather plastic bottle caps. They use the money from the recycling to buy expensive equipment for children hospitals in Varna – “St. Anna” and “Prof. dr. Dimitar Stamatov” hospital. To aid this initiative AMSB – Varna organizes its own event and gives the gathered bottle caps to the association.


every year on the 31st of May the worlds marks the World No Tobacco Day. In this regard SCOPH organizes the “Non-Smoking” initiative, which has the purpose to inform the population of the dangers of smoking tobacco.


High blood pressure or arterial hypertension is a socially significant disease, that leads to serious health issues, high mortality and disability rate. Every year on the 17th of May the world marks the World Hypertension Day. On this day SCOPH organizes its “Hypertension” initiative. During this initiative medical students measure blood pressure and raise awareness about the harmful effects of the condition.