Dear colleagues,
infertility is one of the biggest issues couples face when deciding to start a family. Around
10% of women in the ages between 15 and 44 have trouble getting pregnant or keeping the
pregnancy, whereas in 30% of the infertility cases the primary cause is male sterility. All of
these problems ultimately bring significant emotional distress to both partners. In order to
learn how to deal with such troubles, how to prevent them and who to speak to, the
“Reproductive Health and AIDS” committee has prepared an informational campaign with
guest lecturer Radina Velcheva- founder or the foundation “Iskam bebe” for women trying
to conceive.
🕖The lecture will be held on 17.03.2022 at 19:00 on the platform “WebEx by
Cisco”. You will receive an email on the day of the lecture with the link for the meeting after
you sign up, using the Google form below.
See you there!
✅Sign up using the link: Link
The event is organized by the Association of Medical Students in Bulgaria – Varna, together
with the Association of Students of Dental Medicine – Varna and the Association of Students
of Pharmacy – Varna and Student Council of Medical University – Varna.