🇸🇽 Professional exchange in Czech Republic in September🇸🇽
♦️ Imagine yourself whiling away with an oddly incredible craft beer in hand in September just before the new academic year. The SCOPE committee gives you a chance this beer to make your taste buds dance and sing whilst expanding your medical knowledge in your dream department because there is a vacant position for a professional exchange in Czech Republic. Spend the last days of your summer unforgettably with new friends under the shadows of Bohemian castles and Peter Parler’s embletamic gothic palaces from the Renaissance era.
♦️ State your wish in the comments. (The ranking will be based on the candidates’ contribution to AMSB. If there are candidates with the same contribution, the candidate who has commented first will be ranked.)
Only students who have FINISHED SECOND YEAR can participate.
♦️ For more information on the requirements, “czech” the following page: Link
♦️ Application deadline:
14.03.2022, 19:00h