Dear colleagues,

In the month of mercy and kindness, the Committee on Human Rights and Peace at ASMB-Varna took up another charity initiative – collecting clothes and plush toys.

In the lobbies of the student dormitories, 3rd and 35th block, on 17.12. (Thursday), 18.12. (Friday), 19.12 (Saturday) and 20.12. (Sunday) there will be opened posts for collecting clothes and plush toys in the hours between 10:00 and 18:00. Colleagues who do not reside in the dormitories, but want to support the cause, should contact Emil Nedelchev (Local head of the committee), Pavlo Slavov (assistant of Emil Nedelchev) or write a personal message to the Facebook page of ASMB-Varna, to inform the corresponding porters who will accept donations.

All of the donated clothes will be handed over to the Shelter for temporary accommodation of homeless and socially disadvantaged people in Varna. All of the plush toys will be used for the spring campaign of the association – “Teddy Bear Hospital”, which aims to present the medical profession to children in an interactive and accessible way. The toys, that are our patients in the campaign, are provided by ASMB-Varna. Due to the need to replace the toys, we turn to you with this request.

We ask that the clothes and toys, you intend to donate, be clean and in good condition!

The event is organized together with the Student Council of Medical University – Varna, the Association of Students of Dental Medicine – Varna and the Association of Students of Pharmacy – Varna.